Gallery 16

At this site I discovered my first T-Rex bone. It was the centrum of a vertebrae. Over the following 18 months a team of experienced colleagues and I were able to uncover a total of 45 specimens from fragments to complete bones, representing about 20 different bones.

The map below shows the location of the T-Rex bones as discovered. They were clustered in one corner area of about 800 sq. ft. We continued to remove the bank back 30 feet past the last bone. Our excavation created a site platform of 2,700 sq. ft. on the narrow peninsula of mudstone and shale. We assume that other bones had eroded from the front and side faces of the mudstone bank long before I hiked by.

T-Rex Site Map
T-Rex Estimated Bone Layout
Triceratops Skull

Finding A Dinosaur

by Dick Wills