Hiking Boots & Feet

My feet are everything on an expedition. For hiking I wear the Asolo TPS 520 Gortex boots. They list for up to $250 new. But, since I intend to beat them up on rocks while I dig on my knees, I buy used pairs for $60-$70 on the internet. These have a very firm structure […]

Sun Shade & Protection

I use two types of umbrellas in the field: one for mobile shade while I hike and the other larger unit to shade my dig site. For hiking shade, I purchased a large hand held umbrella that is at lease 58-62 inches wide when opened. I attach this to my backpack to provide complete shade […]

Hiking Safety Issues & Equipment

Communication Since I am in the field alone, I need a way to communicate with my family. My regular search areas are up to 60 miles from the nearest cell phone tower and there are many areas I visit that still have no service.  In early years, I found myself in areas far away from […]

Protective Padding

During an excavation I spend a lot of time on the ground, on my elbows, knees and hips. I quickly develop sore areas, so for comfort I pad up. Kneepads I have at least 6 types of kneepads. My favorite style are those with two adjustable straps that hook on. Those with elastic straps that […]

Equipment & Checklist

When I return home from an expedition I always go through a personal debriefing. I ask myself what I wish I had taken and did not, for what do I need a backup, or of what do I need to take double next time. Each trip my list grew. I think about backups for every thing and […]

Training & Conditioning

I treat fossil exploration as a non-contact sport.  I am always working on conditioning. When I return from my last field trip in the fall, I set plans to work out all winter to get ready for the spring trip. If you want to go on an expedition you can’t wait until the week before you leave […]

Triceratops Skull

Finding A Dinosaur

by Dick Wills