How I Started

I started my fossil hunting by going to several “Pay to Dig” sites in the Western U.S. I wanted to see how interested I really was. I liked it! I found fish fossils in WY and Trilobites in UT. Later, with the aid of a series of rock and fossil hunting guides, I ventured out […]


Search Mission I started my adventure with a rather altruistic mission: Locate, excavate and identify dinosaur fossils specimens. Preserve, stabilize and restore fossil specimens for display and study. Develop opportunities for educational field trips. Present fossil specimens to schools and museums for display and educational programs. After a few years I have been able to […]

Purpose – About Me

Purpose Anyone can find a dinosaur fossil. I did, and so can you. The purpose of this site is to share details of what has worked for me in the hopes it may help you find your dinosaur. When I started my adventure I found a little “What to do” information but very little detailed […]

Triceratops Skull

Finding A Dinosaur

by Dick Wills