Fossil Reconstruction

My learning curve in fossil preparation took a direction I had not anticipated while working my most difficult fossils. My early image of a fossil prep lab was that of a pristine clean room environment where skilled technicians meticulously removed each grain of matrix to reveal yet undiscovered scientific information. The fossils I find all have […]

Field Psychology

I know of two psychological events that may occur during a field trip. I want you to be prepared for possible mood swings during a longer field expedition. You have spent so much time getting ready for this adventure, and at last you are there in the field searching. This is what all the effort […]

My Field Nutrition

As I mentioned elsewhere: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!, and remember to replenish electrolytes with fluids like Gatorade. Nutrition is an important part of my search strategy because I have an odd eating habit. I only eat until I am not hungry. I never eat until I am full. I hate the drowsy feeling of being to […]

Fossil Preparation

I found many Internet sites that show scenes of how to prep a fossil bone, but these do not tell the whole story. They do not fully reveal the intensity and time-consuming detail work that fossil prep requires. It takes an enormous amount of patience and practice. It is difficult to prep those surface areas […]

Triceratops Skull

Finding A Dinosaur

by Dick Wills